Introducing the Rachel Stool

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Made for Any Space

Aesthetically versatile to fit any interior design style from a minimalist hi-end restaurant to an old world Hollywood home.  Perfect outside on a hotel balcony, or inside around an intimate, home kitchen nook. Strong enough to endure high-traffic like international airports. Cool enough to be in the latest innovative tech startup cafeteria. Stainless steel versions which stand up to mother nature’s ocean air.

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Get Crafty at Home. Win Big!

Create your very own chair at home, using only small found/household items.

Create your Chair

Using only small found/household items. Bananas, yo-yos, forks, cheese, books, old CDs, bacon, whatever you have lying around. Creativity is key.

Post your chair design

Post your chair on Instagram with the hashtag #bendisogiveaway & make sure to tag & follow @BendGoods to enter contest.

3 Winners Selected

Winner could win an Animal Trophy, Stool, or a Lounge Chair!

Eclipse Table

Our latest addition to our Table Collection.

Its curved, moon shaped structure makes it easy to bring the table closer to you when working, snacking, or lounging. The Eclipse Table features a cantilever design, making it extra durable while creating a stand out silhouette that beautifies any indoor or outdoor space.

We Design Everything in Los Angeles

From sketches on napkins to rough cardboard mockups, our design process can be all over the place at times. Design can take months, with multiple revisions and in some cases a re-design. At Bend Goods our goal is innovate, while executing what we envisioned. Comfort & Utility.

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