Hot Seat Lounge

New, improved, and hotter than ever - the updated Hot Seat wire chair features a more compact design created to fit any tight space. The newly sized design is accentuated by four new standard colors. Make your space sizzle with this update to a Bend Goods classic!

Pre Order Only. Ships Summer 2020*
$ 750.00 USD

Bold, Striking, Refreshing & Form-Fitting.

Fit for Queen or King

At Bend Goods we specialize in wire furniture. We have made dining chairs similar to some of the greatest classics from the past. Now, we have gone a step further with the Hot Seat.

We have created a lounge chair with the dimensions and soft transitions you think you might only get with upholstered furniture. The Hot Seat is a surprisingly smooth and comfortable lounger without the solid heavy look an upholstered piece has.

Product Details

Behind The Bend

Powder Coating

All powder coated pieces from the collection are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Galvanization of all materials before finishes are applied to help fight corrosion for added durability and longevity.


Hot Seat Lounge Specs

• 26.25”H x 28”W x 23.5”D

• Seat Height 15.5"

• Product Weight: 40 lbs.

• Box Dimensions: 29” x 28” x 25”

• Box Weight: 44 lbs.

*Custom Color: Please ask for Pricing

Sustainable Design

Reducing our environmental impact is important to us! All wire Bend products are made of recyclable iron and our packaging is designed to minimize our carbon footprint.

Product Details

Behind The Bend

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