Custom Macrame Art Piece

The Custom Macrame Art Piece is hand crafted locally, right here in Los Angeles. Each design combines our Modular Art Piece with elegantly woven yarn, giving it that genuine look of craftsmanship. Inspired by the bright colors and wild patterns that shaped 70's art, The Custom Macrame Art Pieces add a touch of creativity to any space.

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$ 750.00 USD
Product Details
Custom Macrame Art Piece

Black & White Piece
48" x 62"

Morocco Piece
60" x 54"

Yarn Material

Hand crafted locally here in Los Angeles.

Powder Coating

All powder coated pieces from the collection are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Galvanization of all materials before finishes are applied to help fight corrosion for added durability and longevity.

Sustainable Design

Reducing our environmental impact is important to us! All wire Bend products are made of recyclable iron and our packaging is designed to minimize our carbon footprint.

Inspired by 70s Italian Luxury Furniture & How our bodies fold, creating shapes & contour.
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