April 21, 2020

The Bend Team takes part in the Isolation Chair Challenge

Put your creative genius to the test and hop on your very own Isolation Chair.

Designers everywhere are turning social distance lemons into lemonade, creating imaginative things at home, including Max Enrich, a Barcelona-based creative with a sculptural-eye.

Max Enrich is a visionary creative based in Barcelona. During this strange time of quarantine and social distance, Enrich created the Isolation Chair Challenge, inspiring some of the most creative, hilarious, and interesting miniature furniture out of household/found items. There are now over 650 posts under the hashtag #isolationchair !

“Playing with the narrow line between design and pure aesthetics, I focus on a constant search for bold and suggesting forms which can be used as a chair, as a table or as a sculpture. It’s all about coming up with a functional solution – how will it stand up, how will it stay still or how comfortable it will be – together with an unexpected shape for it.”

- Max Enrich

Inspired by Enrich and the Instagram community that has jumped on making their own Isolation Chairs, the Bend Goods team has come up with their own collection....

Staying home has been new territory for a lot of us, so we are doing our very best to push our imaginations and stay inventive! It was such a breath of fresh air to step outside the box and have some laughs with our Bend Goods fam. 

For more Isolation Chairs, check out @maxenrich’s stories on IG as well as #IsolationChair

April 21, 2020

The Bend Team takes part in the Isolation Chair Challenge