May 23rd, 2019

Thank You NYC! ICFF in Review


Our new line of products are revealed alongside talented designers & luxury brands of the world. No pressure right? 😅

Leading up to the show, we set foot around the city, networking with local architects and design firms. While moving from location to location, we also took in some amazing architecture and art exhibits at the Hudson Yards in Manhattan's West Side.

All this action, and ICFF had yet to begin! We opened the show with a great reception and kind words from everyone that stopped by. We are so happy and thrilled everyone loves our new 2019 line as much as we do. From everyone here at Bend, we like to thank you for all the support.

Another part that we just love about ICFF, is getting to see new designs, styles, ideas, and concepts from our fellow design community. The show truly is a sensory overload, presenting the future of design. It truly inspires us to create and get back to the drawing board for all things new.

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