April 1st, 2021

One-Off Pieces:
The Plush Bench

Our signature wire designs have made Bend Goods the iconic brand that it is today. Whilst we are still excited for the future continuing with wire- we decided it was time to branch out and broaden our vision with new materials and possibilities. Experimenting with different textures and designs is a process that we have loved exploring, from learning new skills to building furniture in various shapes and sizes. The process has been so exciting to us here at Bend that we have decided to launch a series of one-off pieces, to enable us to experiment with different styles, techniques and colors and share them with you all.

After a lot of trial and error, our first piece, the Plush Bench, is finally here! The bench, in a brand new beautiful plum color, is a real suede material that brings a retro vibe to a modern silhouette. Comfortable yet effortlessly chic, we’ve never seen anything like it and are so excited to be sharing this with you all.

This exclusive one-off piece will be subject to availability- meaning when stock ends, it won’t be coming around again- so make sure you pick yours up as soon as possible!

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