June 11th, 2020

Inspiring Black Lives Matter Murals
Light Up Melrose Avenue

Many Los Angeles shop owners and small businesses have said it loud and clear: Black Lives Matter.

After friends & family reclaimed their community with brooms, wooden facades, and good-fellowship, artist Abel Macias graced Melrose Avenue with a vibrant multi-storefront murals of positivity and solidarity.

Muralist Abel Macias saw nothing but opportunity when he saw boarded-up storefronts in Los Angeles. In support of the protests, he paired with his friends at Lawson-Fenning design and A Love Language Project, a community organization dedicated to amplifying Black voices and conversations on Black liberation, to breathe life into what were otherwise wooden particle boards protecting de-faced storefronts and shattered windows.

While the local design community is working to raise funds for rebuilding their livelihood, they’ve made their voices clear. Money and material things will never hold priority over human life. We are proud of our neighborhood for taking a stand against racism, and we’re hopeful that our example will inspire others fighting for social justice to keep blazing the way! The Revolution has just begun.

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