Jan. 20th 2021

Bend Goods in
John Lautner Residence

The iconic Sheats-Goldstein Residence is an architectural masterpiece known religiously worldwide. Built into hillside Beverly Hills, California, the beautiful home is an extension of the nature that surrounds it, with showstopping views of Los Angeles from each room, courtesy of unique glass walls that hold the architecture together.

Image source: Jamesfgoldstein.com

Ever since James Goldstein, famous American businessman, acquired the house in the 1970s- it has been a constant state of renovation and reconstruction. With the help of famous architect John Lautner, who worked with Goldstein for many years up until his death, Goldstein’s vision was able to come to life. The home has been featured in various music videos, films, and fashion shoots- including campaigns for luxury labels such as Fendi. The property is essentially an exotic art gallery oozing with imagination and creativity- inspiration to all architects, interior designers and decor lovers.

This is why, at Bend Goods, we are extremely excited to have our products featured in this artwork of a property! Our famous Lucy Chairs and Bar stools are a statement piece within Goldstein’s very own nightclub, ‘Club James’. As the home is made up almost entirely of minimalist materials including concrete and steel, we were able to cater to Goldstein’s aesthetic by spraying our products in a special metallic finish. Our chairs compliment the Goldstein residence perfectly, pulling together the contemporary interior in a sleek, monochromatic way.

Bend Goods is so honoured to be a part of one of LA’s most beautiful architectural monuments!


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